What Is The Non-Profit Pain Cooperative?2018-07-11T12:55:46-07:00

What is the Non-Profit Pain Cooperative?

NPO– Non-profit Organizations

The various patient & professional NPO’s who are partnering with the CPC to provide.

  • detail assistants & information on specific illnesses that involve pain.
  • Collaboration to create awareness campaigns on the needs and activities taking place for people living with chronic pain.


  • To unify the chronic pain patient community in a cohesive organization that offers a consistent message concerning the rights of chronic pain patients, including access to care and other issues that directly impact a person’s quality of life as well as raising awareness to the public, government agencies and the medical community to the direct conditions.
  • To act as a conduit between the patient community and the CPC as well as between the CPC and the patient community. Information should flow freely between the two entities. This also includes any non-profits that are also participating, like the NFA and U.S. Pain.
  • To be a vehicle that can quickly bring to light issues that might negatively influence the chronic pain community to help create appropriate materials and instigate a campaign to help represent patient’s rights in a positive way.
  • Members will benefit by being part of an organization that will help them address patient advocacy issues at local, state and national level.
  • Members will have a voice in helping set local, state and national policies that may influence chronic pain patients and their family’s quality of life.
  • Training for peer-to-peer mentoring program run by Advocacy group leaders.
  • Presentations with credible data to effectively communicate issues regarding pain.
  • Quarterly editorials to distribute to local newspapers.
  • Regular electronic mailers showcasing effective programs of fellow Diplomats throughout the country and providing relevant industry news.
  • Brochures for distribution to physicians and community.
  • Up-to-date news and information with the latest research and information in pain.