#1 WISH – Stress

How much “stress” do you feel you experience on an average each day? (check one)

  1. a) Very little to none   ___
  2. b) Sometimes I feel stressed   ___
  3. c) I feel stress effects my life every day   ___
  4. d) I feel over whelmed by stress every day   ___

How would you define “stress”? (check all that apply)

  1. a) Your life is totally out of your control   ___
  2. b) You have too many things to do & not enough time to do everything    ___
  1. c) You feel others are putting too much pressure on you? ___
  1. d) You feel life has become too complicated and challenging    ___

Do you have any of the following stress related symptoms? (check all that apply)

  1. a) Difficulty sleeping  ___
  2. b) Mood swings   ___
  3. c) Stomach problems  ___
  4. d) Forgetfulness  ___
  5. e) Irritability  ___
  6. f) Low energy  ___
  7. g) Headaches/migraines  ___

Have you tried any of the following therapies for stress reduction? (check all that apply)

  1. a) Yoga  ___
  2. b) Individual Therapy  ___
  3. c) Daily Exercise or activities   ___
  4. d) Mindfulness programs  ___
  5. e) Acupuncture  ___
  6. f) Meditation   ___
  7. g) Nutrition   ___

What would you do first to help control your stress? (check one)

  1. a) Nothing, my stress is too great to control   ___
  2. b) Change my attitude & be more positive   ___
  3. c) Find a professional to help me evaluate   ___

What are the first, more simple things I can do to help reduce my stress

  1. d) Talk to my doctor about my level of stress and find out what he or she recommends  ___
  2. e) Choose an activity that I feel would help my stress (i.e.: yoga, meditation, exercise, therapy, etc.) and start doing it  ___
  3. f) Set better boundaries or learn how to Set better boundaries  ___

How much do you feel your health causes you stress? (check one)

  1. a) Very little  ___
  2. b) A little bit   ___
  3. c) A lot ___
  4. d) It is the only reason I am stressed  ___

Thank you for taking the WISH -Stress Survey.  You will receive a personal & private response within one week.

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