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Star Tutorial

Welcome to a brief tutorial on the ease of use and the functionality of one of the CPC’s most powerful tools. The “STAR” App is designed to help you and your doctor better track and treat your symptoms of pain. It has been shown that a better understanding of the Process and progress of your symptoms can lead to better answers and treatments of your pain.

A simple look at the Star program

Enter your information

First you will be asked to enter some basic information about yourself. This is needed for you to become a member of the CPC. Annual membership is $40.00 and is needed for us to track, store, and keep all your information completely safe and secure. The form is very simple to fill out with easy to understand fields.

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Sign into your new account

The next step will have you sign in. You will be asked to do this each time you return for a session in the STAR program. You will need to enter your username and your password. That is all it takes and you will be in the STAR program and ready to start learning more about your pain!

Add your symptoms

You will find displayed the appropriate avatar where you can choose the data that best applies to your specific symptomatology. At this point you will need to choose to record your pain symptoms or your sleep patterns.

If you choose to record your pain symptoms then simply choose whether your pain is on the front or back of your body. Now click on the body part that corresponds with your pain.

Rank your symptoms

At this point you will be presented with three descriptions people commonly use to describe their pain symptoms. What is your pain intensity, stiffness, and numbness? Simply use your cursor to slide the indicator to the level you are experiencing on this day and at this time.

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Click save

After you have successfully completed this step just scroll down to the save button and save your imputed data. You are able to record as many areas of complaint as you would like to and as often as you think necessary for you to show your doctor a complete picture of your pain.

View reports by date

When you are ready to view or to print out your records simply click on the view reports button located at the top left of your page. And use the calendars to choose the dates you would like to view. For example, from January 27th thru June 2nd.

Share your patterns with your healthcare provider

Our easy to read reports will show you any patterns you are experiencing and help your healthcare provider see the intensity and frequency of your symptoms.

Print your reports

At this point you may choose to print out a hard copy of your results. Just click the print button at the right corner of the reports page. EASY!!

Get Started!

We truly hope this tutorial has been helpful to you and will help you take control of your healthcare self-management program.

Your Friends at the CPC