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Launch of the Community Pain Center for Individuals with Chronic Pain

The Community Pain Center™ is the only interactive self-management website for chronic pain patients and the medical community to collectively improve health outcomes and achieve cost savings. This revolutionary destination website combines a wealth of information and interactive programs to amend the health care system.

The launch on May 12, 2015, begins the first phase in the development of the Community Pain Center (CPC). The site is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people affected by chronic pain and provides new avenues of support and interactive solutions for achieving better health and wellness.

The company’s CEO and President, Lynne Kennedy Matallana, is the founder and past president of the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA). Her 18 years of NFA experience working with the millions of people living with fibromyalgia and other overlapping pain conditions compelled her to create a business model that improves patient access to care and bridges the gap between the health care industry and the patient community.

Ms. Matallana states that “Thirty years of scientific research, the collection of thousands of patients’ perspectives, plus new technological tools result in increased access to medical care, improved health outcomes and reduced costs for patients and other sectors of the chronic pain community through the CPC.” It is the only multi-disciplinary, patient-centric, one-stop destination web portal for actively managing health through a variety of means. This type of service has not been available for people living with pain until now.”

Within the CPC is a wide range of products and services, educational materials and self-management tools intended for time and cost savings, improved access to care, and better health outcomes. The CPC web portal is designed to equip members with the resources and tools they need to improve their symptoms through an integrated approach of traditional and complementary health care modalities, which is lacking in the current biomedical model of health care delivery.

The founding director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center and Chief Medical Officer of the CPC, Dr. David Katz, a practitioner of integrative medicine, said in his recent Huffington Post article, “Holism, Holes and Poles,” that he “went into ‘integrative’ medicine…[because] we need a more fluid concept of evidence in clinical practice than yes/no, on/off, black/white…The needs of patients all too often go on when evidence runs thin, or out entirely. This is why…I am now involved in the online delivery of holistic care to a larger population.” The “online delivery of holistic care” he is involved in is the Community Pain Center.”

Accordingly, the CPC’s “Support Centers” offer integrative and complementary solutions to promote health and wellbeing through community focused, interactive, motivational, and helpful tools and services. Users are encouraged to contribute to the site and cultivate the CPC into a community tailored to its members. As the CPC grows beyond its initial stages in the coming months, members will share access to the site with hundreds of experienced companies, non-profit organizations, educational providers, and leading health care professionals, who provide through the CPC extensive evidence-based treatment options and informational content, one-on-one assistance and advocacy programs, and more.

The Community Pain Center membership is FREE and aims to offer the chronic pain community “hope and help” and ways to actively work as a collective to promote and attain better health. Membership information, services, and community resources are available through the portal

Contact: Lynne Matallana, President/CEO