The significance, assessment, and management of nonrestorative sleep in fibromyalgia syndrome

By Moldofsky H

CNS Spectr. 2008 Mar;13(3 Suppl 5):22-6.

Sleep Disorders Clinic of the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

People with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) experience unrefreshing sleep, aches, hypersensitivity, and cognitive and emotional difficulties. Although no specific causative factor or biological agent is known to account for all of the features of FMS and these related diagnoses, the generalized hypersensitivity of the body is considered to be affected by disturbances in central nervous system (CNS) functions. Such CNS disturbances are intrinsic to the sleeping-waking brain, where the common symptom elements in all these illnesses are poor quality of sleep, nonspecific pain, fatigue, and psychological distress in the absence of known disease pathology.

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