Introducing Good Grief

By Annie Skapinsky, Marketing & Media

Welcome to Good Grief, the Community Pain Center (CPC) blog! This is the place where you can meet the “brains behind the business.” We want you to understand the CPC from a true insider’s perspective and that starts by letting you get to know our incredible CEO, Lynne Matallana, as well as our amazing team members, and even some of our friends. You’ll get a chance to hear from all our departments—from the marketing team to the graphic designers—as well as special guest writers, and of course, Lynne.

We will share snippets from our current and past endeavors, adventures, and experiences, as well as what we find interesting, what we’re working on, and why we’re so invested in this project.

We come from different backgrounds that bring together a diverse team that truly cares about the pain community. Many of us live with chronic pain ourselves.

This blog will have everything from our personal thoughts and feelings to our journey with this company to the treatments we have tried to help with our own health (or someone we know personally), down to what we see for the future of health care. This is a place for us to explore our thoughts in a personal way for you to understand what makes us tick.

Feel free to share your comments on each post or in our forum in the member section. We encourage questions, comments and concerns you have about us, our company, and what direction we’re heading in.

Thank you for joining the Community Pain Center and allowing us to be part of your journey while being part of ours.

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