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The Importance of Caregivers

Lynne Matallana sits down with Marcie Reeder to discuss the role of caretakers and how they can best care for their wards.

The Role of Primary Care

Dr. Kerns details primary care’s role in managing chronic pain

The Value of Veterans

Dr. Kerns discusses how we can learn from our veterans.

Building on Positive Momentum

Dr. Kerns shows us how we can build on positive momentum in pain management.

Why Lifestyle Medicine Conferences are Important

Dr. Ornish sheds light on the importance of Lifestyle Medicine Conferences.

Importance of Sleep

Dr. Katz discusses the importance of sleep in his CPC Video blog.

Massage Therapy and Pain

Dr. Katz discusses the potential benefits of massage therapy.

Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Katz talks about the change toward patient-centered care.

Potential for Integrated Medicine in Treating Chronic Pain

Dr. Katz outlines integrated medicine’s role in treating chronic pain.

The Challenge of Integrated Medicine

Dr. Katz highlights the challenges of changing the mindset of healthcare.

Introducing Dr. David Katz

Bob Turano sits down with Dr. David Katz at Yale University to discuss his experience and involvement in the Community Pain Center.

What Is Integrated Medicine?

Dr. Katz explains integrated medicine.

Don’t Fear Physical Therapy

Joe Donohue and Lynne Matallana discuss physical therapy and why you shouldn’t be afraid.

How Certain Foods Affect Your Health

Catherine Katz and her husband Dr. David Katz talk about how certain foods can positively and negatively affect your health.

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

Afraid of needles? Don’t know if acupuncture will work? Follow Bethany as she has a close encounter with eastern medicine to help relieve her chronic pain.

Does the Public Resist Lifestyle Medicine?

Dr. Dean Ornish answers your questions at the Lifestyle Medicine Conference in San Diego.

Holistic Care Approach

Dr. David Katz discusses a Holistic Approach to medicine in his personal video blog for the Community Pain Center.