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#1 Eating Well and Cuisinicity

Catherine Katz explains that eating healthy does’t need to flavorless and unenjoyable.

#2 Great Ingredients Make Great Food

Catherine Katz talks about great tasting food that is good for you and your family.

#3 Chocolate Power Milkshake

Catherine Katz shows us how to create a healthy, delicious and easy to make breakfast for the family.

#1 Physical Therapy – Pain, Heal, Renew

Lynne Matallana recounts her experience on physical therapy and how it helped her recover from knee surgery.

#2 Meditation for Chronic Pain

Matt LoBosco from Optimal Performance Systems explains how meditation can improve chronic pain through conscious transformation.

Ergonomic Tips for Office Pains

Andrea Belitti from ProSport Physical Therapy gives advice on how to optimize your work space.

How to Use Love in Medicine

Dr. Ornish explains how you can change your perspective on using love in medicine.

CPC and Approach on Pain

Dr. Katz and Lynne Matallana discuss the Community Pain Center.