Introducing Good Grief

2018-04-07T10:59:06-07:00Saturday, July 1, 2017|Good Grief|

Introducing Good Grief By Annie Skapinsky, Marketing & Media Welcome to Good Grief, the Community Pain Center (CPC) blog! This is the place where you can meet the “brains behind the business.” We want you [...]

Dragonfly the Myths

2017-11-28T10:52:24-08:00Sunday, January 24, 2016|Good Grief|

The Myths & Legends of the Dragonfly The Community Pain Center has chosen the Dragonfly as the Community's symbol. The legends and myths that surround the dragonfly are symbolic of many of the beliefs that [...]

There is Power in Numbers

2017-11-28T10:52:31-08:00Sunday, January 24, 2016|Good Grief|

There is Power in Numbers Historically, pain has been studied in relationship to specific diseases (e.g., osteoarthritis, cancer, HIV, etc.), bodily regions (e.g., head pain, back pain, shoulder pain), or in relationship to medical procedures [...]

Anything Is Possible

2017-11-28T10:52:59-08:00Wednesday, June 3, 2015|Good Grief|

Anything Is Possible By Lynne Matallana, President & CEO In 1995, my life had become a practice of patience. I would tell myself, “I can stand this pain for two more months,” and I would [...]