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An online interaction destination for people overcoming pain

OurCPC was created by a dedicated group of individuals that not only care about pain patients, but their caregivers and health care providers too. Like over 100 million Americans suffering with chronic pain, we too know how it feels. OurCPC works to unify the pain community by bringing patients, caregivers, health care professionals, non profit organizations and medical industry experts together.

The current state of healthcare delivery is broken and leading members of the medical pain community agree that a new method of delivering care to the chronic pain population is of paramount importance to this country.

Our CPC has spent over five years surveying the pain community and studying focus groups to learn what you want and need to thrive in your everyday life. To help you manage your pain we offer a wide range of educational content, personalized tools and resources, plus community connection to help you create vitality in your life. As we continue to grow, we look forward to partnering with medical experts, experienced companies, and educational providers to expand our informational content, provide one-on-one assistance, build advocacy programs and much more for you and Our CPC’s community members.

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Our CPC is the only patient-centric, interactive, one-stop destination web portal for actively managing your health and chronic pain. Members of our community have access to ground breaking services never offered to pain patients – until now!

Studies have shown that online self-management programs help patients reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Within Our CPC’s community, we actively offer hope and help by providing you with a wealth of products and services, educational materials and self-management tools to save you time and money, improve your access to care, and create better health outcomes.

As a community we actively offer hope and help while fostering an optimal environment for sharing suggestions or comments and receiving support. Join NOW and start using the CPC as your go-to place for improved health and community support.

Gentle Hugs ~ Lynne Matallana

“100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and currently there are limited biomedical solutions. As with diabetes care, self-management is essential for improvement and reducing costs for chronic pain. The scientific community has and continues to develop effective self-management resources, but is hampered by the lack of a viable business plan to disseminate and sustain the availability of these resources on a broad scale. The CPC offers a solution. Through its innovative use of social media to build a virtual patient-centric community, the CPC has figured out how to leverage the interests of patients, providers, advocacy organizations, insurers, and researchers to improve access to all facets of optimized pain care. There is something for all parties. Patients get to tailor their own care; providers and accountable care organizations gain access to a more complete complement of evidence-based treatment options; and research groups benefit from access to data on utilization, benefit, and use of social media in health care. The CPC appears to have its heart in the right place. What they are creating for the pain community has been needed for decades.”

– David Williams, Ph.D. University of Michigan